Fishing Tip: walk your skiff to fish

March 6, 2008 by John - No Comments

drag-skiff.jpgThe next time you find yourself in fishy shallows with a dead trolling motor, try this: sit on the front deck with your legs dangling and your feet on the bottom, then slowly “walk” the boat along, casting as you go. Though the low vantage point makes it tougher to spot fish, it also makes it easier to sneak up on them. (Ask any kayak angler). An alternative: tie a line to the front cleat and wade fish, pulling the boat silently behind you as you go. Note that the “drag the boat” method is most effective when you can find hard bottom, whereas the “walk the boat” method can be used on muddy bottoms that won’t bear your full weight. Both work best with lightweight, low-sided skiffs, of course, and both require patience and effort. Regardless, they’re an alternative for lone anglers who are faced with fishing skinny water without a trolling motor or push pole.