Fishing Tip: work the edges on low tides

February 17, 2008 by John - No Comments

edges.jpg When fishing shallow-water spots on very low tides — the kind that keep you from actually getting onto flats or into skinny-water areas — remember that gamefish are likely nearby, waiting for the tide to flow back in. Where do they stage when the tides are so low? Quite often, they sink into the deeper channels and cuts that border the extreme shallows, running up and down these natural “ledges” looking for shellfish and baitfish. A drop of a only a foot or two is all that’s required to hold fish. Work deeper sections with sub-surface lures like jigs or diving plugs, and work the actual transition points between deep and skinny water with floating plugs or flies. This approach is especially effective when fishing the last stages of a falling tide, as the last surge of moving water pushes baitfish, shrimp, crabs, etc. off the shallows and “over the edge”…often into the waiting mouths of predatory fish.