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REDFISH fly kit

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Set of 14 high-grade flies ideal for targeting redfish in shallow water.


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This unique fly kit contains carefully chosen selections proven to fool redfish on shallow-water flats, along mangrove shorelines, in backcountry bays and channels and in their other common haunts. Includes selections that work the surface and different levels of the water column. Contains the following 14 flies: (2) Gurglin’ Shrimp, (2) Fuzzy Mullet, (2) Redfish Ration, (2) Spoon Flies (weedless), (2) Redfish Toads, (2) Wicked Redfish Minnows, (2) Floating Crab Flys. Shallowfish™ is proud to offer some of the finest commercially tied flies available, at any price. The flies we offer are created within a state-of-the-art production facility staffed with specially-trained master tiers and quality control experts. Every tail, every body, every wing, and every hackle is tied to tight specifications. Only the finest raw materials are used—from the latest innovations in synthetics to the highest grade of naturals—making these flies the top choice of many of the world’s leading anglers. Another Shallowfish™ exclusive.


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