“hogfish and lobster” print by Jason Mathias



Product Description

In this vision a hogfish uses its color-changing patterns to blend into the reef while a spiny lobster defends its territory. This artist’s oil paintings are dramatic and colorful, and most feature an almost liquid quality. Choose between unframed or a stained wood frame. The 22 x 19 (frame A) is light brown and the 29.5 x 35.5 (frame B) is dark brown. Ships directly from the artist.

Framed prints only ship to locations within the United States.

Artist: Jason Mathias

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11 x 14 Unframed Open Paper Print, 17 x 23 Unframed Open Paper Print, 22 x 19 Framed (Light Brown) Open Paper Print, 29.5 x 35.5 Framed (Light Brown) Open Paper Print

Jason Mathias

Paper or canvas

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