“Secrets to catching really big snook?”

February 10, 2008 by John - 2 Comments

hawgsnook.jpgEach month I field a question from a reader and answer it as best I can, focusing on those inquiries and responses that I believe will be of general benefit or interest. I recently received this email from Jonathan in Ohio , who asks: “Are there any secrets for catching really big snook?”

Yes, there are. There was a time when oversized snook were my single-minded focus. For a number of years I was obsessed with catching monsters on artificial lures, and I’ve been fortunate enough to land more than my share. (Click small image to left for a closer look at a plug-caught 46-incher). I stopped targeting them years ago, however, after a friend convinced me that I should avoid putting pressure on the large (primarily female) fish that are so important to producing little snook. I now see big fish as an occasional surprise to be enjoyed, not as a primary goal. In fact, I prefer to catch fish in the 30 to 35-inch range, since they tend to be far more explosive than 40-inchers. So yes, there are secrets that can significantly raise your odds of catching huge snook, but it’s not something I share or promote. Note: I can’t say that I wouldn’t enjoy besting a true giant on a fly rod – something I’ve never done. But if it happens, it’ll be in the course of a normal fishing day, not the result of a “big fish hunt.”