Fishing Tip: be still

March 30, 2009 by admin - 1 Comment

One of my favorite verses from the Good Book is: “Be still and know that I am God.” It’s a clear directive, one that asks us to set aside the distractions of daily life to ponder the wonders that surround us, ultimately attributing them not to some serendipitous series of cosmic events, but to a Divine mind. Regardless of your beliefs, as an angler there is wisdom in taking moments of silence to reflect on your surroundings. Too often we attack fishing spots without pause, overlooking telling signs and clues…not to mention natural beauty. On a recent trip with a friend we took a quiet and thoughtful approach, drifting slowly across an open bay before sighting (and ultimate hooking) a 100+ lb. tarpon…a fish we never would have seen had we attacked the spot aggressively as we normally do. Point is, there is wisdom in taking the time to stop, observe and think. The best anglers are the most attentive anglers, and to be attentive you must be still.