Fishing Tip: make your fly line slick…on the cheap

October 6, 2007 by John - No Comments

flyline2.jpgA number of companies make lubricants and dressings specifically for fly lines, but there’s no need to pay a premium for “name” products. Use Armor All (or an equivalent product) to clean and lightly condition the line. Spray it on a clean cloth, pull your fly line through while squeezing hard and voila — you’ll have a conditioned line that shoots through rod guides and noticeably improves your casting. Though I’ve never done so, some anglers then repeat the process with silicone (which I’m told is the primary ingredient in many fly line dressings, anyway). Note that fly line does need to be thoroughly cleaned occasionally, and for that job I’d trust the products recommended by those “name” fishing companies. Never expose your fly line to harsh chemicals or cleaners.