Luck of the Irish

August 19, 2008 by John - No Comments


Hurricane-in-training Fay is bearing down on us in SW Florida, with tornado warnings blaring on the boob tube and the wind starting to bend the trees in our back yard. The crappy weather gives me time, though, to document a recent post-work trip to DependaBay with my buddies Joe and Marty Sullivan. Marty — a walking comedy routine — seldom gets out anymore, so we were hoping he’d score. And score he did. He and Joe bagged two 30+-inch reds on softbaits, pulling them out of a school that was rednecking its way across a big grass flat.


Marty was all smiles — you could see the tension bleed out of the guy. Great stuff. Both piggies were carefully released to badger hapless baitfish again. I played the role of cameraman, which is a wonderful alibi for not catching a damn thing all afternoon. Memorable trip with two good buds.