Fishing Tip: limit false casting in skinny water

November 18, 2007 by John - No Comments

mangocast.jpgWhen fly fishing along shorelines or on the flats, try to keep your false casting to a minimum. If you’re fishing the correct distance from shore, it shouldn’t take you more than two false casts – and at the most three – to place the fly accurately next to structure. Accomplished fly casters (can’t say that I count myself among that group, since on occasion my flailing creates a nice breeze) can do it fairly consistently with one. Why the emphasis on less casts? Because too much “back and forth” will result in floppy loops, tired arms and, most important, spooked fish. This is also important when poling along clear flats, where the “window” for a good cast can be very small. Practice until you can shoot 40-60 feet of line in under a few casts, and you’ll cover more water and fool more fish.