Fishing Tip: keep your used lures rust free

July 8, 2007 by John - No Comments

yellaplug1.jpgIf you fish in saltwater, you know how quickly used hooks can develop rust and turn your tackle box into a lure graveyard. At the end of trips most of us wash down our tackle and boats, but lures are often overlooked. The solution? Get in the habit of maintaining a section of your tackle box — a plastic tray, a Tupperware box, etc. — for the lures you use each trip. I personally write the word “used” across a single channel within each of my trays. When you switch to a new lure, place the salty versions in that devoted spot — not back among your other goodies where they can spread rust. When you get home, squeeze a bit of soap in the “used” container, fill it with water, give it a good shake, empty the water and place the lures back where they belong. Takes only a minute or so, but it can save you many dollars in new tackle.