Fishing Tip: make the most of your soft plastic lures

December 7, 2007 by John - No Comments

recycled-softie.jpgIf you use soft plastic lures to fish shorelines or flats, you know that they are prone to tearing after repeated casts or a solid hook-up. Many anglers simply toss the torn baits and tie on a new body. If the lure is shredded badly, that’s the wise move. But if the tear is isolated to a small section at the front of the lure — as is often the case — consider this: simply rip off a small section (a quarter of an inch or so, or past the torn area) and rig up again. This creates a blunt “nose” that often gives the lure a more erratic action below the surface, and a slight chugging action when fished quickly atop the surface. It’s an especially useful trick when you find yourself on active fish but low on soft plastic lures.