Favorite fishing author?

March 13, 2008 by John - No Comments

Each month I field a question from a reader and answer it as best I can, focusing on those inquiries and responses that I believe will be of general benefit or interest. I recently received this email from Pablo in Port Aransas, TX, who asks: “Who’s your favorite author of fishing-related books?”

hemingway.jpegI like this question. Most of the queries I field are related to fishing technique, equipment, etc. I always feel a bit self-conscious answering them, since it implies that I’m an authority of some sort…which is far from the truth. But a question like this one I can sink my teeth into, since it comes down to simple opinion. I’ve read a considerable amount of fishing-related books, and my short list of favorite authors is anchored by Thomas McGuane and John Gierach. McGuane has a staggering command of the English language, and his stories linger in memory. Gierach has a dry, witty, effortless style that elicits laugh-out-loud outbursts and knowing smiles in his readers. For a sampling of wonderful (fly)fishing articles, try the Fly Fisher’s Reader: An Unabashedly Biased Sampling of Angling’s Finest Literature.” It features 27 stories taken from books written over the past century or so, including gems by heavyweights such as Ernest Hemingway, William Humphrey and Izaak Walton.