February 16, 2008 by John - No Comments

equilibrium.jpgThe “rough cut” of a new short film titled “Equilibrium” made its way to my mailbox yesterday. It’s a noble effort that proves this group of anglers and ecologists has their heart in the right place, doing their best to stave off or (ideally) nix a proposed mine site that could jeopardize the long-term health of Alaska’s legendary Bristol Bay area. The film features moving footage of wild rivers, surly bears, sweeping wilderness shots and — yes — big fish, including massive rainbows catching air and missile-shaped pike unloading on topwater flies. If you fly fish, it will get your blood pumping while sparking outrage against anyone or anything that would compromise such an amazing resource — which is, naturally, what Equilibrium’s designed to do. Bristol Bay is a long way from SW Florida, but we should all empathize with anglers who are fighting to preserve a natural treasure. Consider investing a few bucks (or more) into this worthy cause. Visit the Castaway Films site for a preview, or to purchase your own copy. For more details on the mine and its implications, visit Felt Soul Media, a wonderfully irreverent blog that also features some outstanding photography.