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We’re Back, Baby.

Welcome. As you can see, Shallowfish.com is back, offering an all-new design and more angling art from more talented artists than ever before. Keep an eye on our blog/journal for angling stories, reminiscences, news, cartoons, observations, rants and whatnot. Stop by when you can! ...
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A Lamentable Loss

Author Michael McIntosh wrote: "It is a peculiar fact of sporting art it cannot be successfully faked. A sporting scene, if it aspires to any degree of acceptance, must not only reflect genuine experience on the artist's part but must also evoke the memory and feeling of similar experience in the vi ...
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Tourney Blues

I never liked fishing tournaments. If you boil it all down, the main reason I fish is to relax and, as the spooky new-age types say, "find my center”. I always intuitively knew that if it became competitive all of that hard-won inner peace would go "poof".Fair or not, I also held a bias against co ...
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Welcome to the Shallowfish blog!

Enjoy our complementary articles, news, cartoons, fishing tips and other great content of interest to anglers. While the focus here is primarily Florida's shallow saltwater, there's valuable information for fishing fans of every stripe. Use the options below each post to tell a friend about us, and ...
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Unique Art & Gifts for Anglers.

Check back often as we're continually adding new items!