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RedSnook Revisited

My buddy Joe and I will be fishing the RedSnook Tournament again this year in October. I'm not a big tournament fan since they so often become about the cash or the volume of fish you can sling on a deck, but when asked to participate last year I did, and I had a ball. The tournament proceed ...
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Back in the game

Life took a chunk out of my posterior the last couple of months, and kept me away from not just this blog but my cherished skinny water, as well. Earlier this week, though, I headed to a favorite bay and entertained the snook and redfish, and was also pleasantly surprised to battle a few over ...
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Buy a custom rod for cancer

My good buddy Joe is putting the finishing touches on one of his fine custom rods - this one a pink, gold and black beauty. The proceeds will go to support a cure for breast cancer, so if you know of a special lady angler (or any angler who likes hot pink) who would relish a hand-crafted, unique gi ...
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Pythonasaurus Eatimus YerAssicus

Oh my toothyness.A week or so ago I saw a report that wildlife officers had found a 14-foot long African Rock python in the Everglades National Park. Now, I know more and more large, exotic pythons are being found in the Park as the result of brain-dead imbeciles people releasing them into t ...
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Cold weather calamity

The photo above, sent to me by an anonymous source, was recently taken at the boat ramp in Flamingo, Florida. In a single frame it confirms what many Florida-based anglers have feared: many snook did not survive the unseasonably bitter series of fronts. There are now scores of reports from a ...
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Reports from around Florida confirm that snook are dying by the thousands due to a series of record-breaking cold fronts. Snook are notoriously intolerant of chilly weather, and prolonged exposure to water temperatures below 60 degrees usually proves lethal. Though snook are the most vulnera ...
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Humility, again

Little did thesecustom rods know what fate had in store for them.My wife and I got hitched more than a year ago now, and to commemorate the death of my bachelorhood the blissful pairing, my good buddies Joe and Pete proffered up the best wedding gift I could imagine: two high end reels and t ...
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Fishing shirts that don't suck

That's how a poster described our modest line of fishing tees today on this popular Jacksonville-based kayaking forum. He went on to describe our shirts thusly:"They're subtle, not too ostentatious, and comfortable - worth checking out as a Christmas present for the special angler in your life..."Wh ...
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Huge Costa Rican snook

'Nuff said. ...
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Sunday Bay sunrise

Quick pic of a gorgeous Everglades sunrise. ...
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