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Creek Crawlin'

Over the holiday break I had a chance to get back down into the Everglades—the perfect opportunity to let the new outboard on my little skiff stretch its legs. I followed my buddy Joe and his dad in his boat, and we wound our way through tight creeks and fished deep backcountry spots on a warm, br ...
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Wind-borne Reds

I headed out solo this evening to try my luck on a nearby flat, knowing full well that the wind was cooking at 17 knots or so. Sure enough, the bay was chopped up and ugly, and I considered going home early before spotting a good school of redfish among the waves. I lost two big fish and then ...
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Ditch Fishin'

We gave the snook a deserved break this past week, opting to fish some remote canals for bass instead. Joe and I did just fine on bass and snook, and Abby and I fished a residential canal minutes from our home over the weekend and scared up a few fish. No records were set, but we took the fir ...
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A storm in a port

My buddy Pete and I tried to get out and chase some redfish and snook this past week, but Mother Nature copped a 'tude again and, after about 20 minutes on the water, we were forced to run pell-mell for the dock to avoid being deep fried. Can't recall a year with so many afternoon squalls over D ...
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Summer pattern

Two trips last week - one with MoJoe and Abby and another with my old high school buddy Brad. Slow going, with high, weak tides, lots of weeds that limited our plug fishing, recurring storms that chased us off the water and lots of big, fearless bull sharks in the shallows. Did manage a coupl ...
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Weather or not

On Tuesday evening Abby and I snuck out for a quick shot at some afternoon snook and redfish, but Mother Nature copped a major 'tude so we languished at a nearby waterfront restaurant, discretion kicking valor to the curb. Not a bad backup plan. Today we gave it another shot with my bu ...
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Middle Keys Magic

Abby and I headed back down to the Keys this past week with the kiddos, taking a much-needed break from work while sneaking in a final getaway before the end of what has been a wonderful summer. Our destination was Marathon, Florida, one of the "middle Keys" in the state's famous chain of tro ...
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Marathon Men

This past week I had a chance to sneak back down to the Keys (Marathon, FL) with some buds I've known since high school – including my cousin, whose family has plied the Atlantic down there for years. We're all longer in the tooth and a bit less spry than we once were, but you're never too ...
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Life's a beach

How it's done: Wake up late. Complain about heat and crowds when the wife suggests a trip to the beach. Grab the little 4-weight fly rod on the way out, almost as an afterthought. Grumble when she suggests a walk. Spend time casting at and catching a few small snook in the wash until tide goe ...
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Yeah, it's a fishing site, but into each life a little booze must fall. And what better place to sip a few cold concoctions than sunny Key West, Florida? The name alone evokes a feeling of adventure, escape and, well, debauchery. Those who have been feel its draw long after they've left the i ...
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