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The good-bye snook

One of my favorite authors, regardless of genre, is John Geirach. If you've never read his stuff, do yourself a favor and pick up one of his books -- "Death, Taxes & Leaky Waders" being a fine place to start. Mr. Geirach contends that most anglers don’t want to hear lots of details abou ...
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Below Sunday Bay

You wake before the alarm sounds, moonlight through a window reducing the room to muted grays and blacks. You lay still for a moment, adrift in that vague place between sleeping and waking, your mind on the trip ahead. Everything was prepared carefully the day prior -- batteries charged, cool ...
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Short of Graveyard Creek

My cousin taking "skinny water skiff" to the extreme.I was leafing through some old papers a few days ago, and in among the notes from lost loves and forgotten friends, I came across the photo above. It took me back.It was taken in the early 1990s. The guy in the picture is my first cousin S ...
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Rainbow Trout in the Tropics

A friend recently sent me a link to an article in the NY Times about fly fishing for rainbow trout in, of all places, Costa Rica. That comes as a shock to most trout anglers, but not to me. I lived in that wonderful little country for about seven years, where one of my dad’s best friend’s ...
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Into that good night

He was 4th generation Floridian, a hard-scrabble farm boy whose family made an honest living in the state's cow country, a placid region located between the open, rolling fields of the panhandle above and the vast wetlands of the Everglades below. He grew up among the fading remnants of the ...
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Tempting Fate

Lightning can quickly lend perspective to a great angling opportunity. It was a hot day in late September, the time of year when I can be found once or twice a week stalking the shallows of a favorite flat. Big redfish tend to school up then, and the fishing can be sensational. When the (rar ...
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