Blog/journal content schedule

July 1, 2007 by John - No Comments

I’ve spent the past week or so (on and off) adding new tips and tricks, helpful links, etc. to the blog page. I’ll continue to add content of value to the shallow-water crowd. Going forward, my intention is to follow a rough script which’ll ensure that there’s always something relatively new to read or see. That’s the goal, anyway. Shallowfish will feature revolving content in this basic sequence:

  • Feature article (1st of each month)
  • Tech tip/trick (5th of each month)
  • Reader’s write (10th of each month)
  • Fishing tip/trick (15th of each month)
  • Cartoon (20th of each month)
  • Journal entry (when I find time to fish)
  • Product review (when I buy or try something new)
  • Miscellaneous entries (unscheduled ramblings)

I’m open to suggestions, as always.