We’re Back, Baby.

Welcome. As you can see, Shallowfish.com is back, offering an all-new design and more angling art from more talented artists than ever before. Keep an eye on our blog/journal for angling stories, reminiscences, news, cartoons, observations, rants and whatnot. Stop by when you can! ...
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A Lamentable Loss

Author Michael McIntosh wrote: "It is a peculiar fact of sporting art it cannot be successfully faked. A sporting scene, if it aspires to any degree of acceptance, must not only reflect genuine experience on the artist's part but must also evoke the memory and feeling of similar experience in the vi ...
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Tourney Blues

I never liked fishing tournaments. If you boil it all down, the main reason I fish is to relax and, as the spooky new-age types say, "find my center”. I always intuitively knew that if it became competitive all of that hard-won inner peace would go "poof".Fair or not, I also held a bias against co ...
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Creek Crawlin'

Over the holiday break I had a chance to get back down into the Everglades—the perfect opportunity to let the new outboard on my little skiff stretch its legs. I followed my buddy Joe and his dad in his boat, and we wound our way through tight creeks and fished deep backcountry spots on a warm, br ...
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Lament that we have not more fishermen

"In these sad and ominous days of mad fortune chasing, every patriotic, thoughtful citizen, whether he fishes or not, should lament that we have not among our countrymen more fishermen."Grover Cleveland ...
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When you get a chance to fish, the temptation exists to visit a spot popular among other anglers, or where you've experienced success in the past. Understandable. But if you really want to up your game, change things up and try an all new stretch of water. This approach will not only make the ...
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RedSnook Revisited

My buddy Joe and I will be fishing the RedSnook Tournament again this year in October. I'm not a big tournament fan since they so often become about the cash or the volume of fish you can sling on a deck, but when asked to participate last year I did, and I had a ball. The tournament proceed ...
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Fishing and prayer

"Next to prayer, fishing is the most personal relationship of man."Herbert Hoover ...
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Fishing Cartoon

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Each month I field a question from a reader and answer it as best I can, focusing on those inquiries and responses that I believe will be of general benefit or interest. I recently received this email from Frederick, who asks: “Any tips for getting a child interested in fishing?”Good ques ...
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