September 24, 2007 by John - 2 Comments

Somewhere, trout tremble.

I’ll soon be traveling to Vermont for a marketing meeting, and I’ve scheduled an extra day to fish the Connecticut River with a friend. My buddy Joe is a fly-tying animal, and he’s whipping up some fantastic looking 2.5-inch EP-fiber streamers (see above) for the trip, complete with lead wire wraps. Look at that thing – even I want to bite it. I’m told (by Quinton, a fellow angler and native Vermonter) that lack of rain and long hot days have reduced many of the rivers and streams to trickles, so the big river (at a point where one of its headwaters pours in and cools things down) is our backup plan. We’re actually hoping for some (semi) foul weather. A few weeks after that I’ll be heading north to visit my girlfriend’s family in Canada. Agenda calls for great food, lots of laughs and plenty of homemade wine — oh, and beefy salmon and steelhead in the powerful rapids of the famed St. Mary’s River. I’ll post the results of each trip. Hope the rest of you have a getaway or two to look forward to, as well.