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Cold weather calamity

The photo above, sent to me by an anonymous source, was recently taken at the boat ramp in Flamingo, Florida. In a single frame it confirms what many Florida-based anglers have feared: many snook did not survive the unseasonably bitter series of fronts. There are now scores of reports from a ...
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Reports from around Florida confirm that snook are dying by the thousands due to a series of record-breaking cold fronts. Snook are notoriously intolerant of chilly weather, and prolonged exposure to water temperatures below 60 degrees usually proves lethal. Though snook are the most vulnera ...
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Essential Fishing Tune

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V13y7n49yfU"Well her hair was jet black and her name was Bodine, thought she was the cream of the Basin Street queens. She got tired of that smoky white dream, began to feel lonesome, orn'ry and mean..." ...
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Lures that tend to tumble or spin when cast or retrieved (jigs, softbaits, etc) can put a lot of unwanted twist in your line, which in turn leads to tangles, birds-nests, and lots of colorful language. Using a swivel (the smallest version possible for a stealthy profile) when attaching your l ...
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Fishing Cartoon

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