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Marathon Men

This past week I had a chance to sneak back down to the Keys (Marathon, FL) with some buds I've known since high school – including my cousin, whose family has plied the Atlantic down there for years. We're all longer in the tooth and a bit less spry than we once were, but you're never too ...
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Life's a beach

How it's done: Wake up late. Complain about heat and crowds when the wife suggests a trip to the beach. Grab the little 4-weight fly rod on the way out, almost as an afterthought. Grumble when she suggests a walk. Spend time casting at and catching a few small snook in the wash until tide goe ...
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Yeah, it's a fishing site, but into each life a little booze must fall. And what better place to sip a few cold concoctions than sunny Key West, Florida? The name alone evokes a feeling of adventure, escape and, well, debauchery. Those who have been feel its draw long after they've left the i ...
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