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Fishing Tip: be still

One of my favorite verses from the Good Book is: "Be still and know that I am God." It's a clear directive, one that asks us to set aside the distractions of daily life to ponder the wonders that surround us, ultimately attributing them not to some serendipitous series of cosmic events, but to a Div ...
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Shallowfish gets a mascot

/> Our new puppy PITA (yes, it's an acronym) is proud to represent Shallowfish.com. Actually, that's not true. PITA pretty much sleeps and poops and could care less about what we do as long as we keep the Milk Bones coming. ...
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In like a lion…

I've been remiss in my posting...my apologies to steady readers. Been busy, but I did get out last Sunday with Joe, back into ENP. Was a slow day for quite a while. We managed 10 or so small snook, all of them under slot, and a chunky little jewfish. But down the stretch we did well, with a n ...
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Slim pickings in paradise

Headed into the Glades this past Friday with MoJoe and his two brothers Kevin and Marty (Notre Dame grads, all). Marty hopped on my little skiff, which I hadn't taken "down south" in a number of years. I was sporting the two new custom rods Joe built for me and my wife - the boy makes some sweet sti ...
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