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Prolific pythons

A year or so ago a photo of a python that ate a gator down in the Everglades - and apparently exploded a day or so later from a serious case of indigestion - was all over the Internet. What some may not know is that, primarily due to limp-brains who have released exotic snakes into the wild, pythons ...
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Luck of the Irish

Hurricane-in-training Fay is bearing down on us in SW Florida, with tornado warnings blaring on the boob tube and the wind starting to bend the trees in our back yard. The crappy weather gives me time, though, to document a recent post-work trip to DependaBay with my buddies Joe and Marty Sullivan. ...
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When we first created Shallowfish, our goal was to create and operate an online gallery featuring a select group of talented artists whose work is inspired by shallow-water angling. Life has taken some crazy turns the last year or so, which has delayed that effort. But we're on the case. In late Oc ...
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Green Mountain Magic

I didn't enjoy near as much free time as I'd hoped on my recent (bidness) trip up north, but I did get a chance to sneak out for a half day of fishing with my good buddy Quinton. "Agent Q" is a native Vermonter, and he's passionate about his trout. He took me and my friend David deep into the ...
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