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In many coastal areas, game fish congregate under lights after dark, capitalizing on the congregations of bait fish that gather there. Along the Gulf coast, spin and (especially) fly anglers target snook, sea trout, redfish and juvenile tarpon in this manner, and -- given that fish can somet ...
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Favorite fishing author?

Each month I field a question from a reader and answer it as best I can, focusing on those inquiries and responses that I believe will be of general benefit or interest. I recently received this email from Pablo in Port Aransas, TX, who asks: “Who's your favorite author of fishing-related books ...
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Quick reader poll

At Shallowfish, we strive to provide fellow anglers with info they value. Whether you're a return visitor or a new reader, please take a second to provide some feedback below. Thanks in advance for your help.{democracy:2} ...
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The next time you find yourself in fishy shallows with a dead trolling motor, try this: sit on the front deck with your legs dangling and your feet on the bottom, then slowly "walk" the boat along, casting as you go. Though the low vantage point makes it tougher to spot fish, it also makes it ...
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So you fish often, and you'd like to take better photos that capture your love of angling? No problem. Read the list of tips below, follow the suggestions, and your photos will noticeably improve. Note that most of the info below applies to both conventional and digital cameras, though I'm as ...
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