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Did I mention the shirts?

OK, so I did. But here's another reminder: our humble-but-growing little shop now features a number of new t-shirt designs sure to appeal to the angler looking for understated, classy tees. All shirts (except for the logo shirts themselves) feature the shallowfish logo on the back, centered and high ...
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This site is, well, fly

Yo...check out This is Fly, a Web-based master stroke featuring good articles, excellent photos, a page-turning (literally) format and a refreshingly irreverent style. These boys aren't screwin' around. Even the garish pink (pink?) theme somehow works. Pop this one in your Favorites menu - it ...
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Real man of genius

Checking emails at lunch, and my buddy Pete sent me a note. Seems one of his friends was recently bitten by the kayak craze. But this guy didn't just deck out his yak with the usual rod holders, compass, etc. No, he went all out and planted a functioning boob tube on the nose, complete with r ...
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When fly fishing along shorelines or on the flats, try to keep your false casting to a minimum. If you're fishing the correct distance from shore, it shouldn't take you more than two false casts - and at the most three - to place the fly accurately next to structure. Accomplished fly casters ...
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How important is lure color?

Each month I field a question from a reader and answer it as best I can, focusing on those inquiries and responses that I believe will be of general benefit or interest. I recently received this email from Dan in South Carolina, who asks: "Do you believe lure color makes a difference when fishing ...
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Make that “Mo-Joe Risin”

At first light on Friday, Joe and I left the dock at Chokoloskee to recover my misplaced angling mojo. We found some...but it was all Joe's. I held my own for a time, but as the day wore on he caught fire. By mid-afternoon I was rummaging in the hatch for a flame-retardant suit.Though big fis ...
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Mojo risin’

My good buddy Sully and I once fished the Everglades like clockwork (click 'lil pic at left to see him posing happily in a steady rain well below Chokoloskee). Life's put a ding in that approach of late (I know many of you can empathize), but hope floats like a good topwater lure, and -- at l ...
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Use a set of needle-nose pliers to crimp down the barb(s) on your jigs, plugs, flies, etc. completely flush (see pic at right). You'll lose a fish occasionally, but not as many as you may think. Most fish throw the hook due to slack forming in the line, not the lack of a barb. There are two p ...
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New fishing shirts now available

Check out our humble little online shop, where we've just added a new series of shallow-water angling tees. These new t-shirts feature simple designs that communicate your passion in subtle fashion (hey, that rhymes). The understated colors make them ideal for wearing to the local bar for a c ...
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